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The best Virus Killer?

The air filter landscape:

Currently, there are numerous air filters on the market which filter viruses from the air. However, these models are the size of a refrigerator and difficult to transport.  But with these models the viruses only accumulate on the filter, which needs to be changed regularly. This could lead to a high risk of infection.  Common HEPA filters also come with very high energy costs, as they have to press the air through the filters at an extremely high pressure of up to 400 pascal. And even by doing so, they cannot completely prevent the spread of viruses.

Killer Ernst Air Purifier

Your Personal Air purifier

Introducing Vitality Killer Ernst Air Filter:

Vitality has developed the Killer Ernst Air Filter with the same quality that hospitals use to destroy viruses.  But, this air filter destroys coronaviruses at 99.999% and disinfects the room air through its innovative HyThermo technology.

Innovation in Air Filter Technology

Catching and killing of Covid-19 virus in aerosols by highly innovative filtering technologies.

Killer Ernst catches and kills viruses, bacteria and spores within it´s innovating HyThermo or Ceramo filters. Nothing is just sticking in the HEPA filter.

Filter Cartridges are exchangeable so that Killer Ernst  can adapt himself to the requirement and challenges to have always a cleaned and safe air.

Size doesn´t matter for Killer Ernst

We  catch and kill particles, as small as 0.0001 micrometer (COVID-19 = 0.1 micrometer)

The air in closed rooms can contain 2 to 8 times more allergens and pollutants than the outside air. Killer Ernst® reliably removes all viruses, bacteria and allergens, no matter how small they are, through its HyThermo® filter technology. The HyThermo® advantage is, that there are no pores, that can glog.









Fine  Particles




Organic Compounds


Ultrafine Particles



For private, companies & institutions

Customers all around the globe will benefit with Killer Ernst (R)

Signs are there, that COVID-19 came to stay. Mutants will require, that precautions must be made the next years.


Private Homes


Offices & Hotels


Schools & Universities

Doctors & Hospitals

Meeting Rooms

Hair dressers


Home offices


Public Facilities




Kindergarden & Kitas

Fitness Gyms

We Deliver

6 -10 times per hour air exchange. Low noise. Ideal for 180 – 270 cubic meter air volume or for rooms/area of 15-27 square meter.

Killer Ernst is a personal air purifier.

Eco Friendly

Presence detection avoids unnecessary operation, should be nobody in the room or cubicle.

Eco friendly – no chemicals, no Ozon generation, smart operation.

Always Adapting

User friendly, can be controlled either by the Vita-App or via voice control with ALEXA, SIRI or Google ASSISTANT.

Smart operation which controls activity and air quality and adapts so the filter level and air volume.

HyThermo (R) Filter Cartridge

Modular filter cartridge system adapting to different challenges

Cartridges for Killer Ernst can be replaced with different, case-to-case optimized filter technologies. The answer for the Covid-19 (including all mutants) is HyThermo (R) which kills all contaminands with heat. The heat stays in the cartridge and does not heat up the air.

Much longer lifetime (up-to-2 year) than HEPA filters.

  • No chemicals, No ozon generation, No glogging
  • A chip in each cartridges informs Killer Ernst about type of cartridge inserted
  • 99,99% killing efficiency in one single pass
HyThermo Filter Cartridge

Catching and killing of Covid-19 virus

With its Killer Ernst Air Filter, Vitality has set the goal of bringing an air filter system to the marketplace where it’s available to the average consumer at an affordable price, and effectively free their premises from coronaviruses.

This can be an important advantage for fighting the pandemic, as this air filter is very versatile in its usage.

Killer Ernst backside
HyThermo 4 Killer Ernst

HyThermo Filter Cartridge

99,99% efficiency in one single pass. Minimum 8x higher efficiency as HEPA 13 filters. No glogging of the main filter. Lifetime ~ 2 year before it should be exchanged.

Unique new technologies

Killer Ernst kills viruses and contaminants by temperature with the HyThermo technology.

Replacement filter cartridges offer special purpose solutions with innovative filter technologies, like High Voltage Plasma and Photocatalysis. Find out more.

Outstanding Quality

We believe in the best possible quality. Engineered proudly in the European Union combined with production know how from Asia.


We are different

We believe in new advanced filter technologies which are superiour to HEPA or UV-C based air purifiers. We kill all contaminands, rather catch only.



We believe in smart hardware and software. Killer Ernst can work fully automatic or controlled by Voice or the Vita-App from Vitality.

Killer Ernst Model S

Incredible advantages

Desk Top Size

Killer Ernst was designed to fit on either a desk top, conference table or fits into any room ad home.

Dual PWR Fan System

Our dual fan approach can be highly regulated. Dual Fans use the space better than one single fan. Both fans can be individually controlled and the air througput can be regulated either manual or fully outmatically.

Exchangeable Filter Cartridges

Not a one-size-fits-all approach. We give the users freedom of choice. This Killer Ernst air purifier can be optimized with HyThermo cartridges, Ceramo-HyThermo or with many other cartridge technologies to come. This way it can be used to kill all contamindands or enhanced to filter un-liked smells or fight against pollutants.

Highly Sensitive

Via sensors at all four sites, the smart controller does has a 360 degree view. Automatically it detects if people are in the room or room is currently empty. It detects light and air quality. Accordingly to those sensor based inputs its is operating.

Of course, by either voice controll or the Vitality-App Killer Ernst can be manually managed. Clean Air at your fingertip.

Long Main Filter Life Time

A HyThermo or Ceramo-HyThermo Filter Cartridge do not glog like HEPA filters. Therefore Killer Ernst can operate 2 years, without the requirement to change the main Filter Cartridge.

Only the Pre-Filter should be exchanged in a shorter period. More …

9,99%Efficiency in one single pass

Unlike HEPA or UV-C air purifiers, Killer Ernst kills viruses and all contaminands already in one single pass. The air is clean past the first througput, not only after the 5th or 6th time.

Personally i like the claim of Killer Ernst to be a smart and personal air purifer which kills the virus and all those other contaminands, rather then catching them with a filter in which the life of the virus goes on. Killing is much better, than catching only.

– Gordon Jay Jensen

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