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Killer Ernst is available soon! Order it now to be one of the first to enjoy clean and safe air around you. No matter for use in your living room, eating – or guest room.

In companies at the desk or meeting room. Killer Ernst can be networked together, so that they work as a chain fully automatic, or controlled individually by App or Voice.

Killer Ernst Side View

Killer Ernst S

Killer Ernst Model S Air Purifier with one HyThermo Filter, a personal sized model. Can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi with other Killer Ernst Models in a larger room. Cleaning the air on the spot, where needed, which is better then one centralized big air purifier.



HyThermo Filter


Filter Cartridge, Sandwich design with Multi-Layer Technology, creating the heat field within the cartridge. Air will be back at room temperature just 5 cm away the HyThermo cartridge. Lifetime: 2 years under normal use condition.



Killer Ernst – the best choice

Rather than to exchange alsmost every second week the HEPA Filter in a simple Air Purifier it is a much better choice to trust the efficiency of a HyThermo Filter within a Killer Ernst Air Purifer. In one single pass, 99,99% of all Covid-19 viruses are catched and killed. With a new highly innovative technology you can trust on.

Killer Ernst Air Purifier
Better and Safer

HEPA once was created to filter large and some smaller particles out of the air. It was never really good, when it comes to catch and destroy such small particles as a Corona Covid-19 particle. Those viruses are as small as 0.1 micrometer.

Easy for Killer Ernst, size doesn´t matter. With a integrated heat field of up to 250 C, not virus, no bacteria or other contaminant can survive.

And it is good for more than 2 years of operation without any change of HyThermo filter cartridge required.

Modular and Adaptive Filter System

Besides HyThermo we at Vitality PROTECT work also on special purpose filter cartriges which will work extremely good to filter out bad smell, allergenes and ultra-fine particles.

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